YES WEB SERVICES provides the simplest Web Designing course training in Khanna. Here you’ll learn responsive Web Designing Courses, Web Designing training modules include training for various web technologies in our company, get professional training on HTML5 and CSS3 technology, WordPress, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, JavaScript and also with live projects.

 Join a professional Web Designing course in Khanna to expose your carrier as an internet designer.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the main photo editing and manipulation software. Its uses editing of the large set to creating complex digital painting drawings. We will shed light on the points of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Getting to Know the Work Area
  • Basic Photo Corrections
  • Working with Selections
  • Layer Basics
  • Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photograph
  • Typographic Design
  • Vector Drawing Techniques
  • Advanced Compositing
  • Editing Video
  • Painting
  • Working with 3D Images
  • Preparing Files for the Web
  • Producing and Printing Consistent Color


CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor which provides knowledge and skills to understand the tools of CorelDraw software. It is also called the Corel graphics suite, Participants learn how to use this vector-illustration and page-layout application to present objects, layers. A large collection of fonts, clip art, and editing tools enables the user to create logos and pages ineffective and presentable from brochures, website graphics, illustrations and other artwork. The trained candidates can improve the plans to meet the computer graphics necessity of numerous applications.

  • Getting Started with CorelDraw
  • Understanding the Color Palette 
  • Sticker, Visiting card 
  • Letterhead with Logo 
  • Working with the Objects 
  • Wedding Card, Flex Banner 
  • Understanding other controls (Layers and Tables) 
  • Flyer with Coupon, Brochure 
  • Other Features 
  • Product Box Package 
  • Book Cover, Newspaper advertising, Magazine Inner page
  • Navigate the CorelDraw interface
  • Editing the object
  • Live demos
  • Explore viewing modes and customizing options
  • How to combine two lines
  • Outline, fill and transform objects
  • Differentiate Mode of Color
  • Use layers and special effects
  • Create and edit images and text
  • Use color fill tools, palettes, symbols, clipart, and work with bitmaps
  • Arrange Menu
  • Edit menu
  • View menu
  • Interactive tool
  • Interactive Extrude tool
  • Eyedropper tool and paint bucket tool
  • Artistic Media Tool
  • Designing an Advertisement layout.
  • Designing greeting card with proper measurements and color
  • Effects
  • Layout menu
  • Text menu
  • Arrange menu
  • Effects menu
  • Bitmap menu
  • Outline tool 
  • Save, and PAGE LAYOUT
  • Apply styles and templates
  • Create animations, sprites, and interactive movies

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator software can use for logos and graphics such as business cards, clipart and icons. Because vector size is not dependent and never affects any quality.

What you will learn

  • The Illustrator workspace 
  • Essential Illustrator tools and panels 
  • Working with color 
  • Using the drawing tools 
  • Gradients and additional color options 
  • Adding and formatting text
  • Placing text on a path 
  • Working with layers
  • Design professional letterheads
  • Gain knowledge of formats and their benefits
  • How to prepare and clean up files
  • Making a custom Tool panel
  • Setting up preferences and color settings
  • Live Corners and reshape segment techniques
  • Using the enhanced features in the Pencil tool
  • Creating a compound path
  • What’s new in Illustrator 2021
  • Using the workspace
  • Learning essential skills
  • Adding color
  • Using the drawing tools
  • Additional color options
  • Adding and formatting text
  • Using layers


This free online Adobe Dreamweaver training course will teach you ways to use Adobe Dreamweaver CC – an internet development tool for Mac OS and Windows operating systems – to create websites with a haul and drop interface and/or HTML and CSS development environment. You’ll find out how to make a new workspace, customize tools, work with text, insert and edit different types of images. Give your web design skills a lift today with this free online course.


HTML is a programming languageIt stands for a hypertext mark-up languageHTML is the foundation of web development.HTML is used to format text, create hyperlinks, tables, lists, forms, display images, and more.

What you will learn

Introduction to HTML Terminology

  •  New for HTML5
  • What’s Different in HTML5?
  • <!DOCTYPE> in HTML5

Basic Tags and Document Structure

  •  Page Formatting
  • Text Items and Objects

Special Characters

  •  Creating Lists

Links, Images, Basic Tables, Iframes

  •  Forms
  • Video and Audio
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Working With Text in CSS

Styling Links

  •  Creating Backgrounds in CSS

Images in CSS

  •  Box Model in CSS

Working With Elements in CSS

  •  Adding a Navigation Bar in CSS
  • Working With Transforms in CSS
  • Transitions and Animations in CSS
  • CSS Shorthand

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is the language we use to style an HTML document which is the language for describing the presentation of Web pages, including colours, layout, and fonts. CSS is used to control the style and layout of multiple web pages all at once. There are a few more CSS editors’ software that is very popular 

And easy to use such as Edit Plus, Atom, Text Wrangler, Brackets, and Notepad++, there are three types of CSS. 

Such as internal, external, and inline styles.

  • Benefits of CSS 
  • CSS Versions History 
  • CSS Syntax 
  • Introduction
  • Syntax
  • Selectors
  • CSS – Pseudo Classes
  • Color Background Cursor
  • Text Fonts
  • Lists Tables
  • Box Model
  • Display Positioning
  • CSS Floats
  • background-image


JavaScript is that the world’s most generally written coding language, adding interactivity to billions of internet sites. It’s one of the first tools for a front-end web developer, alongside HTML and CSS. Having an honest knowledge of JavaScript is handy for back-end developers too.

JavaScript is even beginning to be utilized for desktop software, game development, and mobile app development. JavaScript is everywhere – so learning it’s a requirement for any aspiring coder.

 Here are top JavaScript training recommendations. Guaranteed, one is that the perfect training for you.