Web Development 

YES WEB SERVICES provide the most job-oriented and case studies-based training for Web Development and Web Designing Course in India. Get the best 6 months and 3 months industrial Website Development Course offered by YES WEB SERVICES. Web Development training gives a hands-on experience that tells how to code the website along with frontend design, technologies used for web development are PHP, .net, MySQL.


Nowadays during this technology and online market, you want to even have wondered how these websites are made. You want to even be thinking that you simply have an internet site too. Today, thousands of internet sites are being built a day. PHP may be a famous and powerful language. By the way, there are many languages from which an internet site is formed. One among them is language, PHP which created a site like Facebook.
The full name of PHP is PHP Hypertext Pre-processor. You will also call it scripting language. It is utilized in designing an internet site. This language is employed for web development. PHP is employed by embedded with HTML, thanks to which some new features also can be added to it.

Core PHP

PHP Introduction
PHP Basic
How to Install PHP
Basic Syntax of PHP
PHP Variables and Data Type
Date Time Function
Regular Expressions
PHP Operators
PHP Arrays
String Handing in PHP
Session and Cookie
PHP Function
PHP Forms
File Handing
PHP $ Get Method
PHP $ Post Method
Server Method
Request Method
File Upload
Form Action
Form-Based Query
Form Validation


.NET Training will provide you the simplest knowledge on the .NET framework that runs on Windows and useful for developers for developing the newest applications and lots of more with live experts. Learning .NET Course causes you to a master during this subject that mainly includes fundamentals of .NET and a few basic to advanced knowledge on programming languages like C#, SQL, Java, etc. Our .NET Online Course module will provide you how to become .NET Certified. So, join hands with YES WEB SERVICES for accepting new challenges
and make the simplest solutions. Learning .NET Course basics and differing types of applications will cause you to an expert in .NET functions to affect real-time tasks.


VB.NET is an object-oriented programming language that is implemented on the .NET Framework. Microsoft currently supplies two editions of IDEs for developing in Visual Basic: MS Visual Studio, which is commercial software, which is freed from charge. The command-line compiler, VBC.EXE, is installed as a part of the freeware .NET Framework SDK. Mono also includes a command-line VB.NET compiler.


ASP .NET may be a web application framework that has been developed by Microsoft. Its open-source means liberal to use. With the assistance of ASP.NET, one can create dynamic sites. ASP.NET is that the extension of the .NET framework which helps within the formation of structure and web application in a simplified manner. The online apps developed in ASP.NET are highly securable and equipped with high safety features. Advance ASP.NET training in Khanna only at YES WEB SERVICES where the trainers are required to figure on actual live projects thereby gaining ample knowledge and know-how above live and practical scenarios. Also, we offer the ASP.NET certification course in Khanna through which one can easily provide a kick starter to one’s career as a successful ASP.NET developer in any top IT Organizations, Software Development Companies.

C Sharp

Certified. Net(C Sharp) Course with YES WEB SERVICES – An ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, related to Microsoft, ICDL for International Computer courses, NIELIT, MSME and Google. C Sharp is one of the world’s hottest programming languages. It is a Major component of Android. After learning C Sharp, you are ready to code for Android development Applications and software.

MySQL Database

YES WEB SERVICES provides real-time and placement-focused MySQL training in Khanna. Our MySQL database course includes basic to advanced levels in Khanna as quickly as once you complete the PHP, MySQL training course. Our MySQL trainers are MySQL database certified experts and 22 years of experienced working professionals with hands-on real-time multiple MySQL projects knowledge. We’ve designed our MySQL course content and syllabus supported student’s requirements to realize everyone’s career goals.

Introduction to MySQL

Creating MySQL Connection
Creating Database and Tables
MYSQL Queries
Data types in SQL
MySQL select
Maintain data in a table by using: INSERT, UPDATE statement, DELETE statement
Use Where
Use wild cards
Use the IS NULL and IS NOT NULL keywords
Use the ORDER BY clause
Use the distinct keyword
Use aggregate functions in queries
Viewing database
Deleting database
Renaming database
Insert rows into tables
Delete tables
Altering tables
Backup of database etc.