Web Maintenance is the strategic process of methodical updating of the website, server, and applications to make it user-friendly and structured. Web maintenance should be done in a systematic order regularly, as this will remove the bugs and shortcomings of the website regularly. If these bugs are not removed, it might lead to dissatisfaction by users leading to a decrease in engagement of your website. 

The maintenance is like a regular check-up of the human body to see if all the organs are perfectly fine and for timely treatment in case of any discrepancy. It is important to keep the website neat and clean, updated to strengthen the SEO and web rankings. It will lead to an increase in traffic to the site leading to the increased user interface, which further increases the chances of growth of the business. 

Many start-ups cannot engage the customers because of poor website maintenance and upkeep of the data, as these problems do not become clear at first. They develop with due course of time through the usage of the website and if not checked properly will lead to errors and a decrease in user compliance. 

Checklist of Web Maintenance:

It is essential to prioritize the important check-ins which need to be done daily and the ones which can be done once a year as well.

Website URLs, loading of every window, website plug-ins, form submission, 404 errors, and backups, these details need to be checked regularly and rectified. It should do timely the removal of any spam data or irrelevant information to maintain the credibility of the website.

The cache load, security check, statistical documentation, and loading speed of the site should be checked after regular intervals of time to increase user compliance and to check any discrepancy within the website. 

Brainstorming ideation like change in structure or color, logo updating, SEO updates, should do the addition of meta titles and descriptions, and regular testing at least once a year to keep a hygiene check on the website. A clean website with no bugs or errors will increase the advertising and promotional campaigns to enhance your revenue of the website. 

Importance of Web Maintenance:

It is essential to maintain a hygiene check on the website –

• To keep the website hassle-free 

• To increase user satisfaction

• For security reasons

• To stay updated with the current trends of development

• To enhance the rankings for SEO

• To Maintain a Professional Outlook

• Decreasing the chances of site getting hacked

• Improve efficiency and speed

These factors will help to maintain and provide a professional outlook to your website, competitors, and customers which will engage them more towards your business.

Website is a representation of your products and services on a digital platform; hence they should be as simple, easy, and understandable as possible to every individual visiting the website.

Is Web Maintenance costly?

It completely depends on the scale of the website. If the website is showcasing only a small article or a personal blog, it will not take too much to maintain the website and can be done by the founder as well.

 As the impact of the website increases from medium to large websites having e-Commerce as their relevant industry, for development of applications will increase the cost of web maintenance.

Even though money is one of the factors, but a developed website is an asset to your company and the business which will give you revenue for the time it exists. Hence, investing in it should not be given a second thought after proper consideration of the importance of web maintenance listed.